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At Bare Skin Bar, we're opting out of hyperbolic ingredient claims, and focusing on products that make you feel good.

Essentially, Bare Skin Bars function the same way that traditional bath bombs work - they are a combination of ingredients that get dispersed throughout bathwater. However, it's not going to look like the halftime fireworks at the Super Bowl, or a galaxy far, far away. We also don't love the word "bomb"; it doesn't accurately convey our intended experience. There's no explosion, as we have chosen to focus our bars on ingredients that will make your skin thank you, instead of lovely bath art. The only bombs we like to drop are the truth kind.

This is dependant on how the bars are stored (should be in a cool and dry place), but in general, we recommend you use them within four months of opening the box. Although all of the ingredients have longer shelf lives, we do not use any preservatives and the bars tend to lose their effervescence and colour the longer they are exposed to moisture in the air. You can prolong their freshness by wrapping them or keeping them in an airtight container.

Because the bars are handcrafted in micro batches, the colours will often vary from box to box. The colour changes are based on the amount of liquid used in the bars, which can vary slightly, depending on the amount of humidity during production.

Our bath bar line up ranges from 97-99.5% natural ingredients; we have included a few high-quality, skin-safe synthetics to our formulas for cosmetic and functional purposes, listed in our ingredients section here. We love learning about the ingredients in skincare products and hope you do, too!

Due to health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges, but we'll gladly replace products that were damaged upon receipt. Please send a description and image of the issue to Shipping costs (if required) will be at the expense of the customer.

Orders are generally handmade and cured within 5 business days after ordering. From there, they are packaged, and delivered via Canada Post standard shipping, which can take from 2-5 business days. We have reduced rates with this carrier for reliable, cost-effective shipping, which we pass on through flat-rate shipping country wide.

Currently, Bare Skin Bars are only available in Canada and the US. More locations to come!


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