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At Bare Skin Bar, we're opting out of hyperbolic ingredient claims, and focusing on products that make you feel good.


We welcome you to come to our Bare Skin Bar and shine from the goods, not the glitter!

Bare Skin Bar is a collection of simple and effective self-care treats. We’ve opted out of fake colours, glitters and artificial foaming agents. Instead we focus on fun-to-use products with beneficial ingredients that make you feel good and look amazing. Bare Skin Bar products are formulated through experimentation with raw materials (such as butters, clays, botanicals, and essential oils), quality assurance testing for safety, and then performance reviews by a bunch of skincare lovers, just like YOU! Our vegan and cruelty-free bath products are designed to bring all the benefits of natural ingredients, while keeping a little bit of pizazz, so you can shine from the goods, not the glitter.

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