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At Bare Skin Bar, we're opting out of hyperbolic ingredient claims, and focusing on products that make you feel good.

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Good things come in (many) small packages!

This collection is packed with Bare Skin Bar favourites, and also, hello - FREE SHIPPING.

Treat yourself to:

1 * Sweet Lip Buffer (1 oz)

1 * Repairing Butter Balm (1 oz)

1 * Softening Soap (85 g)

1 * Calming Soap (85 g)

2 * Effervescent Bath Bars of your choice (100 g each)

See individual product pages for full list of ingredients.

skincare set of 3 skincare set of 3
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Combination skin calls for a mask combination. Apply Clarifying Mask over your oily facial areas, and Softening Mask over your dry ones, and after removing with a warm, damp wash cloth, finish off with a smooth layer of Vitamin C rich facial creme.

Make your products last longer when you apply a consistent layer with our Mask Brush. The mask brush is super easy to clean, produces less waste and is more hygienic than dipping fingers into the jar. Also, it just feels soooo good on your face!


1 * 2oz Clarifying Mask

1 * 2oz Softening Mask

1 * 2oz Hydration Boost Creme

See individual product pages for full list of ingredients.

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For the kissiest kiss that ever kissed!

Start with the Sweet Lip Buffer and scrub away dry skin with real cane sugar and locally-roasted coffee grounds. Use once or twice a week and follow with Repairing Butter Balm to feed and moisturize your lips xxx

See Sweet Lip Buffer and Repairing Butter Balm pages for full list of ingredients.

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